Personal Training & Group Fitness for women

Personal Training

  • 30, 45, & 60 minute private & partner personal training options.
  • Off-Site 45 & 60 minute personal training (at your home or workplace) is available as well.
  • Customized personal training programs.
  • Flexible scheduling for personal training sessions.
  • Prices range from $35-$70 per session.
  • Contact us for more details & to schedule a free consultation.

Prenatal/Postnatal Personal Training

  • Help clients stay healthy and strong during pregnancy.
  • Help prepare mother's body for both labor and delivery by strengthening muscles.
  • Focus on toning core muscles postpartum.
  • Strengthen muscles and aid in weight loss postpartum.

Cancer-Recovery & Joint Replacement Personal Training

  • Help strengthen muscles both pre or post surgery.
  • It is important to continue strengthening specific muscles after physical therapy has finished. NeuLife Wellness specializes in helping continue the progress that clients have made post-surgery. 
  • Strength is an important aspect to your recovery. We will focus on the muscles important to your recovery.
  • NeuLife Wellness has previous experience working with women with breast cancer, ovarian uterine cancer, knee replacements & hip replacements.
  • At NeuLife Wellness, we make sure to slowly and safely move the body to promote recovery in a healthy manner.

Small Group Strength Class 

  • Designed for weight loss, strength and aerobic fitness.
  • Maximum of 10 people per class.
  • All levels welcome.

Sculpt Class

  • Sculpt classes are a combination of strength and yoga.
  • Designed to tone muscles through small movement strength exercises using small hand weights.
  • All levels welcome.
  • Maximum of 11 people per class.

Nutrition Coaching

  • Specialized nutrition plan, weigh-ins and body fat measurements.
  • Nutrition coaching and body fat measurements are completely free for any personal training client.